About the Foodie

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Hello Friends!

My name is Amber, and I am a recent Kinesiology graduate. Throughout my undergrad, I discovered my considerable passion for nutrition, in which I began my transition into the world of veganism. This newly found motivation for knowledge and perspective has been accompanied by a side project I created; @myfitlittlefoodie, my very own food blog through Instagram. Now of which has brought me to owning my first website; myfitlittlefoodie 2.0 if you will.

Another luxury of my new lifestyle, was my affinity for yoga; primarily hot yoga. Throughout my practice, I have gained a new perspective on everyday living, of which I hope to share with you as my blog unfolds. With that being said, I hope that as I continue to explore the world of healthy active living, those around me will be inspired and encouraged to do the same!





One thought on “About the Foodie

  1. Dear Amber,

    A great looking site. You should be really happy with it. Your personal involvement and your relaxed style makes it especially welcoming.

    I will certainly recommend it to my friends.

    I have lots of contacts and access to lots of things and technology. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    Glad you liked the safari slide show.


    Brian (from Jack’s)


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